Cleaning Your Screens

how to clean screens

 As much as your screens keep out those pesky insects, they also have a habit of collecting dust and grime as well.

A simple cleaning routine will keep your screens fresh and new. As an added bonus, having clean screens allows for cooling breezes to pass through unheeded.

The first step in this process is to remove the screens if possible.

Next, you can either vacuum or brush your screens gently, this will remove the majority of dust and dirt from the surface.

 After this initial clean, you can wash the screens. Any gentle detergent is suitable for use  – car wash works well. Stand the screen up and using a soft sponge, gently wipe over the screen.  Be careful not to apply too much pressure, as you may push the mesh out of the screen.

Next, lightly hose the screen down, then leave the screen to air dry. Once it is fully dry, you can re-install it.

Can’t Remove Your Screens?

If you cannot remove your screens, you can still vacuum them or use a soft broom to wash them then you can hose the screens down.  Again, be careful with the pressure. Modern windows are designed with drain holes to drain away rainwater, so try to keep the hose to a “light rain shower” pressure.

If you notice holes or tears in your screens, our trade quality mesh makes repairing your screens a simple task.